Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip & Fall Accident and Injury Cases:

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Owners of property may be liable when an injury occurs to a visitor or person who is living on that property.  It must be proved that the negligence of the owner led to the injury.  An injured person who slips and falls due to the negligence of another may be able to recover the costs of lost income and medical bills, as well as compensation for any pain and suffering or physical disability, among other "damages". 

The injured person has the burden to prove that the person in charge of the property created the unsafe condition that caused the injury, or knew about an unsafe condition yet did nothing about it.

Texas requires the owner to have "actual knowledge" of the dangerous condition that caused the injury.  If a strawberry is dropped on the floor of a store, and you slip and fall on that strawberry, you must then prove that the store "knew" that strawberry was there prior to you stepping on it.  This can be difficult, because employees of a store do not want to admit that they saw an unsafe condition yet did nothing about it. 
Another way to prove liability is to show that the company created the dangerous condition. 

Make notes of any conversation you had with any employees at the place of injury.  Any admission made can be used to help your fall/injury case. 

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