Slip and Fall and Premises Liability Cases

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Premises Liability Cases:

A "premises liability case" is a case where a dangerous condition on the premises causes and injury to someone. There are many laws and factors that come into play in determining whether the person in charge of the premises is responsible or not. These laws change constantly due to new and clever ways of interpreting the law by the courts. Unfortunately, the high court in Texas (Texas Supreme Court), has made a habit of finding in favor of bad acting premises owners and businesses, and finding against those who have been the victims of those bad actors. Because this has been the trend in the last 15 years, business owners and insurance companies for property owners have become very aggressive in defending premises cases. Meaning that they often will not make any offers at all for the injury that was caused by the property owner's negligence. This forces the hand of the injured party - you have two choices: 1) walk away and have the medical bills that were not your fault ruin your credit and force you into bankruptcy possibly, and endure your injury without adequate funds to treat that injury, or 2) hire a lawyer and force them to pay for what their bad acts caused.

What is Required to Prove My Case? You Must Prove a Degree of Knowledge. Many Courts Characterize It as "Actual Knowledge".

"Actual Knowledge" is required in Texas to find a premises owner responsible for a dangerous condition. What is meant by that is that they property owner must have actually known about the condition (and a reasonable person in that situation would have known it was dangerous), and did not remedy the situation. Or, if it is shown that there was a dangerous condition, and it was actually created by the property owner, then the property owner is responsible for any injury caused by that dangerous condition.

Make notes of any conversations with people who were at the property, especially people who worked at the property, to help determine if those people actually knew about the dangerous condition, or created it themselves.

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