Texting and Driving and Distracted Driving

Texting and driving is obviously dangerous when some other driver is distracted by his texting while operating a motor vehicle.  The problem is, many drivers think that way when it comes to other drivers, but they seem to have a whole other set of rules for themselves.  In other words, its bad when other people try to do it, but for me, I'm ok with it.  I can handle a quick glance at the phone, checking my texts, searching for info on my smart phone and driving.  

This attitude is at the heart of why we are seeing an increase in "distracted driving" related accidents and injuries.  

The Texas DPS has some eye-opening stats related to distracted driving.  Last year 459 people were killed as a result of distracted driving.  One in every five collisions is a result of distracted driving.  Distracted drivers are four times as likely to injure someone in an accident.  

Texas State Laws regarding distracted driving:  
a)  Ban on all cellphone use by bus drivers
b)  Ban on all cellphone use by novice drivers
c)  Ban on texting for novice drivers
d)  Ban on texting for bus drivers
e)  Ban on handheld phones and texting in school zones.  

The Texas DOT has additional information at:

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