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Truck Insurance Issues: 
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Truckers Rarely Admit Fault to Insurance Companies.  If you have been injured by a trucker or other commercial driver, call the Law Office of Doug Goyen at (972) 599 4100 for experienced and aggressive representation on your case. 

In trucking collision cases involving personal injury, you often are dealing with an insurance company that is working on behalf of the trucking company. Dealing with a trucking company's insurance company regarding an injury can be slightly different than dealing with regular automobile insurance. One of the main differences is that commercial trucking liability policies often have liability deductibles where the trucking company must come up with a certain part of any settlement. For instance, if the trucking company has a $10,000.00 retention (deductible), then the trucking company must come up with the first $10,000.00 of any settlement. This can complicate dealing with the insurance adjuster, because the insurance adjuster must get the trucking company to come up with the $10,000.00 to pay towards any settlement. Medium and smaller trucking companies don't want to come up with that money. They want to fight and delay as long as possible to hang on to that money.

Another common problem in dealing with commercial driven vehicles involved in injury collisions is that the drivers are making a living as commercial drivers. If they get too many collisions against their record, this will cause the insurance rate of the company to go up as long as that driver is still driving for the company. This causes pressure on the company to fire drivers with accidents against their records - to reduce their insurance premiums. The way this complicates claims is that often commercial truck drivers will twist facts (or even outright lie) in order to avoid being seen at fault in a collision. This is done in order to keep their record as clean as possible - so they can keep their job as drivers.

These two factors, commonly a large $10,000.00 retention (deductible), that causes the trucking company to want to delay paying you as long as possible, combined with the commercial truck driver worrying about losing his job if fault is assigned to him, make a very large percentage of personal injury cases involving commercial trucks and 18 wheelers end up in attorney's offices. Not because the person hiring the lawyer is looking for a big payday, but because they are jerked around for months on end, being given excuse after excuse why the trucking company's insurer cannot make payment, and then often just outright denial of liability in what should be a clear liability case - even when there is a police report placing blame on the truck driver, and witnesses also assigning fault and negligence to the commercial truck driver. The forces causing delay and deception are too strong.

Because of the above factors, I always recommend that you hire an attorney to deal with a commercial insurance company if there is any injury involved. There are too many reasons for the truck driver and insurance company to withhold payment and change their story for you to take the risk of trying to handle it alone. They have lawyers on staff, and have often received training from attorneys on how to best obtain information to avoid paying claims, and how best to string you along in a way that causes you to sabotage your own case. Don't let the insurance company lead you into destroying your ability to recover the bills that they should owe. They are not on your side - do not let them convince you that they are.

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