18 wheeler collision on rainy night

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Case: 18 wheeler causes collision and injuries but its driver lies about what happened:

(Insurance company was denying case based on their driver’s statement. Witnesses did not stay at scene of collision because of the heavy rainstorm. We located their information on the 911 tapes and records. These witnesses confirmed our client’s version of the collision). 

When we first spoke to our client about his case, liability had already been denied by the 18 wheeler's insurance company.  The client and his family were almost ready to give up on the case because they could not find evidence to prove they were telling the truth about how the collision occurred.  The collision was on the highway at night during a heavy rain storm.  The driver of the 18 wheeler claimed our client had changed lanes in front of him and caused the collision.  The police officer's report agreed with the 18 wheeler - but the officer was unable to get our client's side of the story because of his injuries.  No eye witnesses had stayed at the scene, so the police officer only had the word of the driver of the 18 wheeler to go on when he wrote his report.  

We ordered the 911 tapes to see if there were possibly other witnesses.  We overheard witnesses on those 911 tapes that were not listed on the police report.  The witnesses on the 911 tapes had actually witnessed the collision occur.  We tracked down those witnesses and obtained their statements.  The witnesses found on those 911 tapes stated that the 18 wheeler had been speeding, and the 18 wheeler's trailer hydroplaned on the wet roads into our client's lane and knocked our client's vehicle off the road, forcing it to roll over several times. 

We filed suit and forced the 18 wheeler's insurance company to settle for a large 6 figure settlement.