About the Law Office of Doug Goyen

The Law Office of Doug Goyen has officed in the Dallas, Texas area since 1997. We have represented clients all over the great State of Texas, and throughout the country.  We are proud to be among the ranks of Dallas personal injury lawyers in the North Texas area. We aggressively pursue all personal injury cases we accept. Your personal injury lawyer assigned to your case will ensure that you recover everything you are entitled to recover in your case.

Attorney Profile of Doug Goyen

The Law Office of Doug Goyen has extensive experience handling all types of accident, injury, and wrongful death cases starting from negotiations all the way to verdict and appeal if needed.  Our attorneys and staff are available to talk to clients and potential clients, so that we can understand the needs of each person we represent.  Clients are encouraged to communicate and keep informed of all steps involved in pursuing and resolving your case.