What We Do For You

1. We deal with the insurance company/business so you don't have to. We are a full service law firm that will handle any part of your injury claim that you ask us to handle. Insurance companies can be notoriously hard to deal with, or even get a hold of, especially in injury cases. We take over the pain of dealing with the insurance company regarding your injury case.

2. We make sure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company/business. The laws in Texas are constantly changing. These laws are complex regarding injury claims. Unless you have worked as an adjuster, or worked for a personal injury firm, you will not have the knowledge you need to insure that the insurance company doesn't roll right over you. The Dallas area is a particularly difficult venue for injured people. You need a lawyer to help you fight for your injury case.

3. We make sure you take advantage of ALL the benefits you have available to you. You may have more benefits available to you than you realize. The insurance company will NOT tip you off to all the different coverages and ways to recover that may be available to you. You need to have a lawyer with experience to view your case and make sure you are taking full advantage of these benefits for your injury case.

4. We evaluate the value of your case, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company/business. Our years of experience in handling injury cases insures that we will be able to evaluate your case, and as your lawyer we will advise you of the range of value of your case, and then fight to get you every dollar you deserve on your case.

5. We fight for your side of the case. You may be of the mistaken belief that the insurance company will investigate their case impartially. You are wrong if you think that is what will happen. Insurance companies look for loopholes to avoid paying injury claims. They will ask leading questions that lead you into saying things that they can take out of context in order to deny your injury claim. They are not impartial. They are not in the business of PAYING claims. You need a lawyer in the Dallas area to fight for your case.

6. We refer you to a reputable body shop if needed. Sometimes people have no idea where to turn in order to repair their vehicles. Our years of experience can help you to find body shops that have a good reputation in the Dallas area.

7. We can help you gather information regarding the value of your vehicle if it is a total loss. Many times the insurance company will tell you one value of your vehicle, and typically this is the lowest value they can find. We help you to locate the information you need to verify that the value they give is an actual fair value.

8. We can help you to locate reputable medical treatment facilities that will treat you for your injury. Unfortunately, in today's society, it is sometimes difficult to find a medical facility to treat you for a personal injury claim. Many times your regular treating physician will refuse to see you for these type claims, usually because they do not wish to become involved in a case where there is a possibility of litigation. Additionally, some people have no insurance, and cannot find a doctor who is willing to wait for payment from an automobile insurance company (since automobile insurers are typically much slower at paying than health insurers). Due to our years of experience handling injury cases in the Dallas area, we can locate medical facilities that can and will treat you for your injury so that you can begin to heal.

9. We gather all the information that the insurance company requests in order to make payment / evaluate your case. It can seem that the insurance company asks for the same thing in different form time after time. It can seem endless. We have experience, and know what it is that the adjusters are wanting in order to make payment on your case.

10. We can help regarding almost any issue relating to an injury claim. Our years of experience give us the knowledge and expertise to handle your injury claim from start to finish, and obtain results that will help alleviate many of the problems from the nightmare that injury cases can present.

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By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@gmail.com