Commercial Vehicle, 18 Wheeler, and Truck Accidents

18 Wheeler or Commercial Vehicle Injury Accidents:

The Law Office of Doug Goyen represents individuals and families of those injured or killed by negligent drivers of 18 wheelers and other commercial vehicles (buses, taxi-cabs, bobtail trucks, etc.). 

If you need a lawyer regarding someone hit and injured or killed by the negligence of a commercial vehicle such as an 18 wheeler, bus, cab, city owned vehicle, police vehicle, bobtail truck, construction vehicle, cement mixer, or any other commercial type of vehicle , call our law office for a free initial consultation regarding your personal injury, serious injury, catastrophic injury, or wrongful death case.

Remember, drivers of commercial vehicles and trucks such as an 18 wheeler, large truck, taxi cab, bus or other commercial truck or auto  depend on a clean driving record to continue driving their truck or other commercial auto and making a living. They will often lie about what happened, stretch the truth, or "forget" about what really happened in your collision in order to keep their job.

Be sure to get witnesses, auto accident police reports, take pictures of the automobile(s) if possible, and whatever else you can do to protect your rights in your personal injury and auto case.

Steps to Take When You Have Been Involved in an Auto Accident

At the Crash / Accident Scene:

  1. Call the police to the scene for an auto accident report

  2. If anyone suffers an injury:
    1. Call an ambulance, or take person who suffered an injury to an emergency room or doctor as soon as possible.
    2. Tell the officer investigating the auto accident about the injury.
    3. Cooperate with your medical providers, follow their instructions

  3. Leave your automobile, and the debris, in the position it was in after the accident (unless it is causing a dangerous traffic hazard, or is causing some other danger).

  4. Only discuss the accident with the investigating officer, your physicians, your own insurance company and your lawyer. Cooperate with the police.

  5. Make a note of any statement that the other driver(s) make to you.  Their statements are admissible in trial if needed.

  6. Get all identifying information regarding the other driver, including name, address, phone, driver's license number, license plate number of their automobile, license plate of the rig and the trailer, insurance policy number and insurance phone number.

  7. Obtain witness information: names, addresses, phone numbers.

  8. If the other driver is possibly intoxicated, advise the officer at the scene.

After Leaving the Accident Scene:

  1. Call an attorney. 
  2. Call your insurance company.
  3. Photograph your automobile.
  4. If you suffered an injury, see a medical provider as soon as possible
There are many hoops that the 18 wheeler, commercial truck company will make you jump through to try and prove your auto accident and / or injury claim.  It doesn't matter if the company handles these injury / automobile claims in-house or if they handle them through an insurance company, they make it as difficult as possible typically.   North Texas / Dallas area courts and juries can make it even harder on injury victims by placing additional hurdles in your way by placing additional burdens of proof and evidence on the victim, rather than on the wrongdoer who caused the crash / wreck in the first place. 

If an 18 wheeler, commercial truck or other commercial automobile caused an injury to you then you need an attorney to protect your claim / rights.   You need a lawyer who has been handling injury claims and trials against 18 wheeler companies, and other commercial automobile companies for over 13 years in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area on your side. 
You can have a free phone consultation with a Dallas truck accident lawyer at (972) 599 4100.  Call to discuss the accident and / or injury. 

Personal Injury Areas We Help With Are:

Auto Accident and Injury Cases, Personal Injury Cases, 18 Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Injury Accident Cases, Motorcycle Accident and Injury Cases, Wrongful Death Cases, Pedestrian Injured by Automobile Cases, Slip and Fall & Premises Cases, Workplace & Constructions Injury Cases, Dog Bite Injury Cases, Bicyclers Hit by Automobile Cases .

Types of Coverage in Automobile Injury Cases:

Automobile Liability Insurance, Uninsured Motorist Insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medpay Insurance, Property Damage & Collision Coverages for Your Auto

By Doug Goyen, 

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