Construction Injury

Construction Accidents and Injuries 

Fatality rates have gone down since OSHA was enacted over 23 years ago.  Unfortunately, in construction, this has not been the case.  Construction consistently registers some of the highest rates of injury in workplace accidents.  

Despite OSHA channeling a large part of its resources into construction sites, there has been little success in the reduction of injury and fatality rates in the area of construction.  Construction workers have a wider range of hazards, and higher risk of injury and fatality than any other industry in the US.  The lost workday ratio for construction workers is higher than any other economic sector. 

Laws are in place to help protect construction workers, but injuries still persist.  Construction injuries can be severe.  You need to understand what rights you have when injured in a construction setting.  You need to make sure your medical bills will be paid, that your lost income will be taken care of, and that you will be put back into the financial position you would have been had the injury not occurred.

We will discuss your options, will work with the insurance companies and anyone else involved to ensure you are taken care of as quickly and appropriately as possible. 

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By Doug Goyen, 

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