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The workplace and workers are often a place where injury can and does occur due to violations on the part of the employer. In Texas, if the employer does not carry Workers Compensations insurance, then the injured employee is left with an injury that keeps him from earning a paycheck, and with hospital and doctor bills that ruin their credit, for injury that the employer caused due to the employer trying to cut corners and save a dollar here or there.

If your employer has a "replacement policy" - one that is not actually under Texas Workers Compensation, they will send you to the "company" doctor for evaluation. What the employee doesn't know is that the company doctor does not see the employee as his client, the company doctor sees the employer as his client. If the employer tells the doctor to stop treatment and get the employee back to work, that is exactly what most company doctors do, regardless of what the reality of the injury is. If the employee is unable to return, because he physically cannot stand for any period of time due to untreated torn ligaments, or damaged muscles, broken bones, or need for surgery - the employer then uses the doctor's "recommendation" that the employee go back to work as a reason to fire the employee.

The logic is sound for the employer. The doctor told the employee to go back to work. The employee refused. They fire the employee. What they leave out of this chain of logic is the first part . . . "that the company orders the doctor to recommend the employee go back to work regardless of his condition", and that if the doctor refuses to obey, they will find another company doctor who will do as they say.

In this situation, you need an advocate on your side. You need to consider a Dallas work injury lawyer. You are being put into a position where they are forcing you out of your job anyway. You have nothing to lose at this point - you must protect yourself from this unethical and harmful behavior of the company and the company doctor.

Injuries occurring on the job can have various impacts on your life. You can have damages including:

1. Physical Pain
2. Mental Anguish
3. Loss of earnings or loss of earning capacity
4. Medical bills
5. Disfigurement
6. Death
7. Physical Impairment
8. Loss of Consortium
9. Loss of the Enjoyment of Life

If you or anyone you know has had a loss on the job due to the negligence of your/their employer, call the Law Office of Doug Goyen, Dallas work injury lawyer- to see how we can help you. (972) 599 4100.  

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