Pain and Suffering - Methods to Evaluate

Pain & Suffering - Methods to Evaluate Value:

There are many ways to evaluate the value of pain and suffering for those searching for their injury claim value. Those opposed to personal injury cases - such as big business and the insurance industry have done a fantastic job of convincing people that there is no real monetary value in "pain and suffering". For those who have bought into this line of thinking, they are convinced that this is just extra money that serves no purpose. In the Dallas area, jurors are typical of what has been happening nation wide. A Dallas injury lawyer often must undergo a very careful jury selection in order to make sure people who have already made up their minds against certain issues such as pain and suffering, regardless of the individual facts of the case, are unable to taint the outcome of a trial.

Unfortunately, people with these viewpoints often are not viewing the real cost of pain and suffering.

The economic viewpoint of the value of "pain and suffering" is seen in medicine itself. When a dentist drills a tooth, he might charge almost an equal sum for a shot to kill the pain. We spend an untold amount of money each day to stop headaches and similar aches and pains. You would never consider surgery without an anesthetic, and we know how much an anesthesiologist would charge or how much the anesthetic cost would be. Pain has a dollar value recognized in money transactions in the everyday world. Each jurisdiction, and each jury in fact, has a different view on the value of pain and suffering. A Dallas injury lawyer will know the injury claim value in Dallas due to his work in the area, and the fact that he lives in the community and will have some idea of the common perceptions of certain types of cases and injuries are in the area.

The next person who tells you that there is no monetary value to "pain and suffering" you should tell them that the next time they have surgery, they should just not take any anesthesia or other pain killing drugs, because its too expensive, and there is no value in them avoiding any pain and suffering. Why should insurance pay for their pain and suffering if they don't believe there is any value to it? This is a quick way to demonstrate that there really is value in avoiding pain and suffering and the value of pain and suffering should be relative to what the cost would be to avoid it in some way. Even the most hardened opponents to giving money for pain and suffering typically only feel that way when it comes to paying money for other people's pain and suffering, not their own.

A religious way of viewing the value of pain & suffering is sometimes helpful. For those who have religious beliefs it is often helpful to ask what the ultimate punishment is. When God created the universe, he also created a hell. Hell is not a place of death but a place of pain. Death is just a release from the body from many religious standpoints, and is actually a release from pain. The ultimate punishment that is placed upon those judged to hell is pain. Religion places pain - pain that does not end, as one of the worst punishments an individual can receive. People have prayed for death, but you do not hear of people praying for pain.

Yet one more way to realize the injury claim value of avoiding pain is in the creation of our own country. When our country was founded, they put into the Constitution that our Government could not inflict pain as a source of punishment. No cruel and unusual punishment. In our country you can sentence a person to die, but you cannot sentence them to pain. Our country puts a high enough value on avoiding pain that it protects individuals from punishment by inflicting pain.

There is an injury claim value to pain and suffering and a value to not having it. Those in the Dallas area who have pain and suffering due to the negligence of others should contact a Dallas injury lawyer.

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By Doug Goyen, 

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