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Attorney Doug Goyen, Fort Worth car accident lawyer The Law Office of Doug Goyen represents people who have been injured in auto accidents in Fort Worth, Texas since 1997. We have settled thousands of car accident cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients in those cases. If you are looking for a Fort Worth car accident lawyer we can help. We have settled thousands of car accident cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients in those cases. We provide powerful, experienced, and aggressive representation for our clients.

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Why Hire a Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer?

The Texas Department of Transportation’s data shows that in 2019 there were 14,777 auto accidents in Fort Worth, and 32,389 accidents in Tarrant County. Some of the trouble spots in Fort Worth are below. These intersections have a high volume of accidents each year.

Forth Worth car accident lawyer The number of accidents increase each year. Distracted driving is part of the problem with people trying to use their smartphone while driving their cars. As the number of accidents increase, the number of people injured in those accidents increase.

The Law Office of Doug Goyen represents those people injured in auto accidents and helps them in a variety of ways. Some of the most common ways we help our clients who are injured in auto accidents are:

  • Collecting money from the insurance company to pay medical bills for our client’s treatment. So they can pay the bills that were incurred for such things as the ambulance, emergency room, ER doctors, radiologists, medication, and follow up treatment for injuries caused by the accident.
  • When our client does not know what kind of medical facility will provide treatment for their injury we help them find a medical facility.
  • When a client cannot afford to get the medical care they need for their injury we help them locate medical facilities that will agree to defer collections on their bills until the auto insurance company releases their payments for the injury.
  • Collecting money for our client’s lost income when they are forced to miss work due to their injuries caused by an accident.
  • Getting a settlement for the full value of our client’s pain and suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, and any other injury caused to our client by the accident.

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What Is the Value of My Car Accident Case?

This is determined by the specific facts of your auto accident, the physical injuries you sustained, and any other damages, if any. Some cases involve clear liability on the defendant’s part but only moderate damages. Other cases involve severe physical injuries, such as brain and spine trauma, but there may be a disagreement over who is to blame for the accident.

We can arrive at an estimated range of values for your case after reviewing the facts of your case and the injuries you have suffered. This is critical for reaching a favorable settlement. One of the reasons insurance companies don’t want you to hire a lawyer is that you’ll learn the true, full value of your case.

In a car accident case, common damages include:

If the accident was fatal, or the victim later died as a result of their injuries, the victim’s surviving spouse and family members may be able to recover compensation for their pain, suffering, and emotional distresses through a wrongful death lawsuit.


Accidents in automobiles cause damage. The most obvious and visible damage is the destruction that your vehicle can sustain during the collision. Car accidents, on the other hand, can cause damage to your body that is not always visible.

In 2019, 256,338 people were injured in car accidents in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Given the high number of car accident injuries, it is critical to understand the most common types of injuries suffered if you are involved in a collision. When two vehicles collide, a large amount of force is applied quickly. The force and direction of the force can cause harm to your body by twisting and bending it in ways that it was not designed to bend. This force frequently results in the following types of injuries:


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are either killed or injured in traffic accidents across the country. Understanding how injury-causing and fatal motor vehicle accidents occur is the first step toward preventing them. Knowing the most common causes of vehicle collisions aids in being aware of certain situations and avoiding becoming involved in at least some accidents.

Collision victims have a legal right to compensation for their injuries and losses, and they deserve caring, compassionate legal representation in seeking that compensation from the parties at fault in a crash. The following are some of the most common causes and types of car accidents:

Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer Checklist for Accidents With Injuries

The following is a checklist of things to do after an auto accident with injuries. This checklist can be used in any car accident but has been designed for Fort Worth car accident cases.

At the scene of the accident:

  1. Check for any injuries and try to keep calm. A car wreck is sudden, unexpected, and a traumatic event. Try to keep calm after the accident. It is easy to be upset due to the accident but that will not help you at this moment.

    First, check yourself for injuries. Often people are in shock after an accident and do not realize how serious their injury is. Look yourself over to make sure you are not more injured than you realize. Check your passengers for any injuries. If your passengers do not require any first aid then check on the occupants of the other vehicles involved. If anyone is hurt you need to get help immediately.

  2. If anyone is injured you need to call 911. If anyone is injured call 911 and tell the dispatcher where you are, what happened, and let them know that people are hurt. The dispatcher will send the police to the accident scene to aid anyone injured, secure the area, and interview those involved in the collision. Once the paramedics arrive they will check on everyone to help with any injuries they may have.

  3. If there are any witnesses around get their contact information. Look to see if there are any witnesses. People often stop to help after they witness an accident. Since they were not involved in the accident, they may leave once they feel they have done what they can to help. Do not wait for them to give you their information. You need to ask them for their name, phone number, and any other contact information they are willing to share. You may need them later to verify what happened. The other driver may be admitting fault, but once the police arrive they may change their story. If that happens you need to give the witness information to the police officer. The other driver might change their story after they leave the accident scene, after they talk to their spouse, or friends, or start worrying about their insurance rates. Give the witness information to the lawyer you hire in case it is needed.

  4. Get identification information and insurance information from all other drivers. Texas Transportation Code section 550.023 requires drivers involved in accidents to exchange identification information and exchange auto liability information with each other. Use your cellphone to photo any ID and insurance paperwork from the other drivers.

    (NOTE: If you are too injured to do any of these steps you need to get a friend or family member to the scene of the accident to help you out with these steps.)

  5. Photograph the damage to the vehicles and the accident scene. Take pictures of the damage to all the vehicles involved in the accident. Take photos of their license plates as well. Get photos of any skid marks on the ground and any debris from the accident that is on the roadway. Get some photos of the layout of the roadway as well. Take photos of the road in the direction you were traveling, and photos of the road in the direction you were coming from. Do the same for the other vehicles involved. Take photos of the road in the direction they were traveling, and the direction they were coming from.

  6. Give the police officer your statement. Cooperate with the police officers when they arrive. Give the officers your statement so it is recorded in the accident report. Let the officer know if you are in any pain or have suffered an injury. If you have any pain the officer will get the paramedics to check on you. Again, because of the shock of the accident you might not realize the seriousness of the injury. If you are hurting you should get checked out. Additionally, if you do not let them know they will probably indicate that you were not hurt on the accident report which the insurance company will see and will cause the adjuster to start thinking that you might not have been hurt in the accident. Let emergency personnel know if you are injured in any way.

    If you are needing a copy of the accident report, the Fort Worth Police Department makes police crash reports available at the following link:

    Fort Worth Police Department Reports and Records - 1000 Calvert St, Fort Worth, Texas.

    Texas Department of Transportation: Texas DOT gets copies of all police crash reports in Texas. If it has been a few weeks since the accident date the report may be available on the Texas DOT website online located here: TxDOT Crash Reports Online

  7. Let the paramedics examine you and follow their advice. Paramedics will examine you if you have been injured. They are trained to help people who have been injured in accidents. Their training includes looking for symptoms that may indicate you have a more serious injury than you realize. If the paramedics recommend you go to the emergency room to get checked out then you should go to the emergency room to make sure you are not suffering any type of life-threatening or other serious injury.

    If you are suffering a medical emergency from your accident, you need to go to the emergency room. The following links are to some of the emergency rooms in Fort Worth, Texas:

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How to Protect Your Rights After the Accident

Texas law states that it is the wrongdoer’s responsibility to “right the wrongs” that they caused. They caused the injury and damage, they must correct the harm they created. If someone causes injury or damage to someone or to someone’s property, they are required to “right the wrongs” they caused – it is their burden for causing the harm, not the victim’s burden, and not “society’s” problem. In order to ensure you are able to force the insurance company to pay for the damage their driver caused, you need a lawyer who handles auto accident cases.

Before doing anything else, if you have been injured in an auto accident you need to hire a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer that handles auto accidents. If you have been injured in an auto accident you do need to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Speak to the lawyer before hiring a law office to represent you. Do not sign up through the law office’s case manager before you have had a chance to talk with the lawyer who is supposed to be representing you. If you cannot speak to the lawyer do not sign up with that law office. When you do speak to a personal injury lawyer tell them what happened, and let them know what your concerns are. Ask questions you need to be answered. Hire a lawyer who knows how to handle your accident and knows how to get the compensation you need.

  1. If you have been injured do not speak to any insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters look for ways to avoid paying part or even all of a persons personal injury claim. They are trained and are experienced in asking questions that elicit responses they can use to help them avoid paying part or all of your personal injury claim from an accident. Protect your rights. Do not speak to the insurance adjuster. Hire a lawyer first and let them speak to the insurance company for you.

  2. Follow up with a medical facility if you have been injured. If you need follow up care for your injury but do not know where to get treatment, or do not know how you will afford treatment, we can help. The Law Office of Doug Goyen can help you find a medical facility that will treat you for your injury. Additionally we can get the medical facility we help you find to defer collecting on any medical bills until the auto insurance company releases the funds for your injury case.

  3. Photograph any visible injuries you may have. If you have bruising, cuts, scrapes, or any other type of visible injury from the accident be sure to take photos of the injury. The insurance adjuster requires proof of your injury and photos of visible injuries you suffered are often helpful in showing your injuries.

  4. Get a repair estimate for your vehicle. Get your own estimate for the repairs to your vehicle. Do not rely on the insurance adjuster's estimate only. The insurance company's original estimate is always lower than the actual cost of repairs. When your vehicle is being repaired the body shop gets the insurance company to issue supplemental estimates and supplemental payments as the repairs are done. The problem with this is if the insurance company decides to deny liability in your case. If you need to file a lawsuit you need an estimate that shows the full cost of repairs to prove how much the damage to your vehicle is. The insurance company's estimate does not do that.

    Body shops in Fort Worth often offer free estimates for people who have been involved in accidents. They want your business. The following body shops in Fort Worth can do an estimate for your repairs, and can do the repairs as well:

  5. Keep track of anything you pay for or anything you owe due to the accident. Make sure to keep copies of any bills and receipts you have for anything related to the accident or your injury from the accident. Give a copy of these bills and records to your attorney so they can get you reimbursed.

  6. Watch out for what you post on social media. Be careful what you post on social media if you have been injured in an accident. Assume that the insurance adjuster and the insurance company lawyer will see what you post. If you are making an injury claim, they will want to see what you post during the time you claim you are injured. If they see posts that appear to them that you are not really that hurt, they will use that against your personal injury claim.

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Types of Cases We Handle

The Law Office of Doug Goyen handles personal injury cases throughout the state of Texas. This includes car crash cases (automobiles, 18 wheelers, motorcycles, pedestrians struck by vehicles, etc.), premises cases (such as injuries caused by a dangerous condition on a property), dog bite cases (or other animals where the owner let their animal loose or had a dangerous animal and the owner’s negligence causes injury to someone else), workplace injuries, and other injuries caused by the negligence or harmful acts of others.

Car Accidents, Fort Worth car accident lawyer
Car Accident Lawyer

We deal with the insurance company and protect your rights while you focus on what you need to do to get better and take care of yourself and those around you.

Truck Accidents
Truck Accident Lawyer

Large commercial trucks do serious damage and cause serious injuries. We will fight for you to get you the compensation you deserve and protect your rights while you recover.

DWI Accidents
DWI Accident Lawyer

Drunk drivers cause serious injuries and death every year. We fight their insurance companies to get you compensated for the damage and injury they have caused you.

Fort Worth Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians struck by vehicles can suffer serious injuries. We represent people injured in by negligent drivers and help our clients get compensation for their injury.

Car Accidents
Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists are at risk of serious injury if they are hit by a vehicle. We represent bicyclists who have been hit by careless drivers.

Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyer
Dram Shop Act Lawyer

When bars or restaurants continue to over-serve drunk people, and those people cause accidents that result in injuries, we assist clients in obtaining compensation for their injuries.

DWI Accidents
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We fight for the rights of motorcyclists who have been hurt by careless drivers. We are fighting for full compensation from the insurance company.

Wrongful Death Accidents
Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer

When someone dies as a result of negligence from a motor vehicle accident, the family and estate have a claim against the negligent parties. We represent families and estates in obtaining restitution for their losses

What We Charge in Car Accident Injury Cases

There is no fee unless you win! The Law Office of Doug Goyen charges contingency fees in personal injury cases involving auto accidents. We take a percentage of what we can recover in your personal injury case. The better we do for you, the more we are paid. This aligns our interests with your interests. If we are unable to recover compensation in your case then we are not owed any fee.

Free Case Reviews for Auto Accident Injury Cases

If you or someone you know needs a Fort Worth car accident lawyer in an injury case call (972) 599 4100 for a free consultation and a free strategy session regarding your case. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, identification of the legal issues involved with your case, and identifying those legal issues that will help maximize your recovery in your case. We will email a copy of this strategy session to you for you to keep. Call us today.

The Law Office of Doug Goyen takes the time to listen to our clients and look out for their best interests. We remain in contact with our clients every step of the way because we believe that communication is vital in order to meet their needs and maximize recovery. Much of our business is a result of word of mouth and repeat clients and we believe this is due to the care and attention with giving each client. Contact The Law Office of Doug Goyen today at 972-599-4100.

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Fort Worth, Texas Information

Fort Worth was originally incorporated in 1874 and named for Major General William J. Worth who commanded the Department of Texas in 1849. The city of Fort Worth, Texas is rich in Western heritage with a 2019 estimated population of over 909,505 people. Forth Worth, Texas is part of the DFW Metroplex that in 2010 is estimated to have over 6,800,000 people in Tarrant County, Johnson County, Parker County, Wise County, Dallas County, Denton County, Collin County, Ellis County, Hunt County, Kaufman County, and Rockwall County.

The Law Office of Doug Goyen services to the entire Fort Worth area and it’s surrounding cities. We have proudly represented people needing a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer for car accidents since 1997.

Auto accident resources in Fort Worth, Texas

Visitors To Fort Worth Involved in Auto Accidents

If you are visiting Fort Worth and have an auto accident that causes an unexpected need to stay in Fort Worth due to the accident, the following hotels and restaurants are a few that are located in Fort Worth and may be options for you to use.

Hotels in Fort Worth, Texas

Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas

  • The Capital Grille – 800 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102. Phone +1 817 348 9200
  • Reata Restaurant – 310 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102. Phone +1 817 336 1009
  • Salata – 520 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102. Phone +1 817 885 7720
  • Salsa Limón – 550 Throckmorton St, Fort Worth, TX 76102. Phone +1 817 615 9760

Attractions in Fort Worth, Texas

Directions to Our Office

Directions to our office from Fort Worth are as follows: From I-30, take I-30 to Dallas, once in Dallas take I-35 north. Exit on right side to N. Dallas Tollway, follow past 635. About 2 miles north of 635 you will come to Keller Springs exit. Take exit and U-turn under the tollway to head back south. Our building is 2nd building on right side on service road of N. Dallas Tollway. The Madison Business Center.

From I-635 exit Tollway North, from the tollway, exit Keller Springs Road – stay in the far left lane, make a u-turn under the tollway on to the Parkway, our office is the second building on your right - The Madison Business Center.

By Doug Goyen,

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You want a great lawyer who keeps you informed on whats going on speaks with you personally and gets the job done call Doug Goyen. He is excellent & very professional you wont go wrong choosing him!! Thanks again for all your help Mr. Goyen! Socorro V.
Very efficient staff. I am VERY pleased with this firm. Gina W.
Very professional job handling my accident claim. I had some ER bills, and some visits to my ortho after (and various other bills that kept coming in). I was afraid I was going to get stuck owing money, but Doug Goyen took care of the case and had everything paid, including compensating me for the injury. Great lawyer IMO. I felt like my case was taken care of very well. Thx!! Bernard M.
Doug is a great attorney. He took care of my auto accident claim promptly, and answered any questions I had. I also had one of my hospital bills go into collections for non-payment. I was able to contact Doug a year after the accident, and received a copy of the check the hospital claimed they didn’t receive. I highly recommend this guy. David J.
The Law Office of Doug Goyen helped me recovery every bit I was owed on my claim. Very happy I used them. They knew what they were doing, and kept me informed. I felt taken care of the whole way. You wont go wrong using them. Arthur H.
Mr. Goyen helped me take on my own insurance company, the great and mighty Allstate. My prior firm basically dumped me, with a permanent injury because the case didn’t meet their financial guidelines for a settlement. I was a bicycle rider hit by a car driver at an intersection, and Allstate was the company on BOTH SIDES OF THE CLAIM. My own insurance company tried to throw me under the bus to limit their payout! Without Mr. Goyen’s help, I would have been left with NOTHING! I had thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills, unable to receive treatment to correct the issue. He was unafraid and helped me get the best settlement I could … I am tremendously thankful! Pamala M.