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Chain reaction crash Speeding and tailgating, distracted driving, failing to yield the right of way, drunk drivers, fatigued drivers, debris on the highway, negligent entrustment of a vehicle to a dangerous or unlicensed driver, reckless driving, and road rage are all causes of multiple car accidents. The problem with multiple car crashes is the multiple different perspectives of the various people involved. They will not always perceive the accident in the same way. Some drivers will notice things that other drivers did not. Different drivers’ perspectives on who caused the car accident may differ at times.

Multiple-vehicle collisions are especially deadly because the mass of crumpled vehicles makes escape difficult for survivors. Even if survivors are able to exit their vehicles, they may be hit by other vehicles. Individual vehicles in a multiple-vehicle collision are frequently struck multiple times at high speeds, increasing the risk of injury to passengers who may have survived the first impact due to now-discharged protective airbags. Following the initial collision, collisions may occur from the vehicle’s side, where the passenger compartment is more vulnerable.

In the case of multiple car accidents, there are some unique issues to consider. There is a way to deal with them. If you handle them incorrectly, the insurance companies for the at-fault drivers will take advantage of you and the situation, and your actions may give the insurance company the justification they need to delay or deny payment to you. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (or anywhere in North Texas) and have been injured in a multi-car accident, you need a personal injury attorney who is experienced in dealing with multiple car accidents.

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When auto accident victims are represented by an attorney, they recover more in damages than when they try to deal with an auto insurance company on their own. After a Dallas multiple car crash, you want to speak to a Dallas multiple car crash attorney. Our Dallas car wreck lawyer can help you recover the most money for you and your family.

The services we provide include: Investigating your accident thoroughly. Examining all insurance policies involved in your case. Negotiating aggressively with the auto insurance company. Making certain that all documents are filed on time. Ensuring you receive the funds necessary to cover all of your medical expenses and move on with financial security.


Even a minor mishap can jolt you. A collision may involve several damaged vehicles as well as multiple people who have been injured, including yourself. Everyone involved may be perplexed as to what to do before the authorities arrive. Serious injuries may prevent you from acting following an accident. Take the following precautions to keep yourself safe.

  1. Assess for any injuries. First, make certain that you are not more injured than you realize. Car accidents are unexpected, sudden, and traumatic. People are frequently in shock immediately following an injury and do not realize the extent of their injuries. Check on your passengers, and if they don’t require assistance, check on the people in the other vehicles. Get help if anyone is hurt.

  2. If anyone is hurt, dial 911. Inform the dispatcher that there has been an accident and that people have been injured. Police and paramedics will be dispatched to the scene by the dispatcher. The police will secure the area, assist those who have been injured, and then interview those who were involved in the accident. When the paramedics arrive, they will take over the care of the injured.

  3. Gather information about the witnesses. Obtain the names, phone numbers, and other contact information of any witnesses. If they leave before you get their information, you may never be able to find them again. You may not need witnesses because the other driver admits fault at the scene, but the other driver’s story may change when the police arrive or when they speak with the insurance company later.

  4. Share your knowledge with other drivers. Drivers involved in car accidents in Texas are required by law to exchange identification and auto liability insurance information. Take photos of the other driver’s identification and auto insurance to ensure an accurate record.

  5. Take pictures of the other vehicles involved as well as the accident scene. Take pictures of the damage to all of the vehicles involved in the accident, including your own. Take pictures of each vehicle’s license plate.

    Take photos of the accident scene, including any debris on the road and any skid marks on the ground. Take photos of the roadway in the direction you were traveling just before the accident, as well as photos in the opposite direction you came from. Take pictures of the road in the direction the other driver was traveling as well as the direction they were leaving.

  6. Provide your statement to the investigating officer. Make every effort to assist the officer on the scene of the accident. When it is your turn, give them your statement about how the accident occurred. The officer will request that each person involved giving their statement separately, away from the other drivers. Inform the officer if you were injured or if you were in pain or discomfort as a result of the accident. The information provided to the officer will be included in their accident report.

  7. Allow the paramedics to examine your injury. You should go to the emergency room if the paramedics advise you to. Paramedics are trained and experienced in dealing with people who have been injured in car accidents and in recognizing symptoms or signs that your injury may be more serious than it appears.

  8. Do not speak with the insurance company if you have been injured. The job of an insurance adjuster is to pay as little money as possible on any injury claim. If they can get you to say something that will allow them to refute the claim, they will. If you have been injured in a car accident, have your attorney speak with the insurance company on your behalf.

  9. Hire a personal injury attorney who handles car accidents. Before you hire a lawyer, make sure you speak with them. Make certain that you are at ease with hiring them. Do not sign up with a law firm based solely on speaking with the case manager. The lawyer is the one who represents you; if you are unable to communicate with the lawyer, do not hire them. Inquire about any concerns you have about your case and what the lawyer will do to assist you.

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Multiple Car Accidents and Their Causes

Multiple car accidents typically are caused by the negligence of at least one driver. There are 4 common categories of multiple vehicle accidents. They are a) The phantom vehicle, b) a middle vehicle striking the front vehicle first, c) a chain reaction starting from the rear vehicle, d) the front vehicle making some maneuver that causes the collision, and e) a combination of the above. Below is a description of these causes:

  1. Phantom Vehicle: In some cases, a “phantom vehicle” is involved in a multi-car accident. Someone involved may claim that another vehicle swerved into their lane and fled, or hit them in the rear first and fled the scene, causing them to lose control and cause the auto accident (this is often a “phantom” vehicle that no one else witnessed). Nobody else sees the vehicle, but the driver in the back swears by it and claims it was a hit-and-run.

  2. Middle Car Hitting Front Car First: The car in the very back of a multi-vehicle accident may claim that the vehicle ahead of it hit the car in front of it first before hitting anyone. Because of the sudden stop in traffic (due to a sudden collision – no braking at all and then an unexpected and unreasonable stop of vehicles ahead), and the negligence of the car in front of him, the rear car was unable to stop and was involved in the collision.

  3. If this isn’t the case, the middle car will deny it, and the claim will become a “disputed claim.” Because the very front car may not have seen what happened behind them, they may be of no assistance in resolving the dispute.

  4. Straight Chain Reaction: A typical car accident injury case involves traffic-stopping, either at a light, on a highway, or somewhere on a roadway, and someone hitting someone else in the rear, resulting in a chain reaction involving three or more vehicles. Most people believe that the insurance for the person behind them will cover the claim for vehicle damage. As we all know, real life is rarely this straightforward.

    In Texas, the person whose “negligence” caused the car accident is obligated to pay the claim. So, in the most basic case, the very rear car is responsible for a three or four-car chain reaction in which the rear car negligently hits the car in front of it, forcing that car forward into the next vehicle, forcing the next car forward into the vehicle in front of it, resulting in a three or four-car accident.

    If the cars in front were stopped due to traffic or signals, or other legitimate reasons, and the rear car was not paying attention (such as talking on a cellphone, or messing with his radio, or whatever) – but obviously violating the rules of the road by not paying proper attention to their driving, then the last vehicle is the cause of the collision and is responsible for everyone’s damage and injuries.

    Unfortunately, the facts may not be as clear, or in some cases, the driver of the very rear car may change their story from the time they leave the scene of the collision until they tell their insurance company. When the person responsible gives their version of events to their insurance company, it is not uncommon for them to change their story. They were accepting responsibility at the time, but their story changed after they had time to “think about it.”

  5. Front Vehicle at Fault: The front vehicle is rarely, but occasionally, blamed for an auto accident. Witnesses or those involved have seen the front vehicle come to a complete stop for no apparent reason (no lights, no traffic, just stopped suddenly).

    The front vehicle may be accused of performing a “swoop and squat” – abruptly changing lanes and slamming on the brakes – leaving no reasonable amount of time for others to react and stop. It could be intentional or unintentional. If it is proven that they did this “intentionally,” their insurance will refuse to pay the claim (insurance companies do not cover intentional acts).

    Be wary of charging the person who caused the car accident with an “intentional act.” If you tell the insurance company that the driver “intentionally” caused the collision, you’ve just given them an excuse not to pay the claim! Insurance companies all have clauses in their policies that exclude coverage for “intentional acts,” such as causing an auto accident on purpose.

    Unless the other driver admits to you that they did it on purpose, you have no idea what was going through the other driver’s mind. They may have been attempting to scare you, but they had no intention of colliding with you. You may see this as such an aggressive maneuver by the other driver, and it enrages you so much that they endangered you in this manner that you want to tell the cops and adjuster it was intentional. However, keep in mind that you have just given that person’s insurance company an excuse not to pay you – which is exactly what will happen.

    The best thing to do is simply report the facts of what you know – “They were driving aggressively and hit me.” You can’t read the other driver’s thoughts. Their insurance company will need to determine whether the impact was intentional on the part of the driver.

    It’s possible that they were simply inattentive – often, people make stupid moves while driving aggressively that appear to be intentional. Often, it is simply a case of them being distracted, not paying attention, or being a jerk and doing something stupid. They usually do not want to collide with other vehicles.

    If the at-fault driver admits to doing it on purpose, then it was. If they were driving erratically or inattentively, that is still negligence… which is covered by their insurance policy. It could be “extreme” negligence and stupidity like you’ve never seen before, but it’s still negligence.

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When Everyone Is Blaming at Everyone Else

A common issue in a multiple-car accident is everyone blaming everyone else for the accident. You are aware of what occurred and are aware that the negligent driver is not being truthful (or maybe it is their adjuster not being honest). The at-fault party is disputing the claim, and the insurance company is “investigating” the claim and refusing to pay anyone until they “verify liability.” The insurance company will not pay a liability claim if there is a swearing match. Evidence must be gathered to determine who was at fault and by what percentage.

You file your claim with the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident and injury. If the accident was clearly caused by the vehicle in the back, you should file a claim with that insurance company. If the collision was caused by one of the middle vehicles, you must file a claim against that person’s insurance.

If multiple people are at fault, you may need to file under multiple policies, with each insurance company accepting a percentage of the responsibility. For example, if “insurance company A” accepts 40% and “insurance company B” accepts 60%, you should have a 100% recovery.

When “insurance company A” and “insurance company B” both try to claim that their driver was only 25%-30% at fault, problems arise. This means that you will only be offered 50% to 60% of the total value of your claim. This situation frequently leads to lawsuits in cases and is one of the main reasons you need a car accident lawyer if you are involved in multiple car accidents.

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If you have been injured in a multiple car accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney right away. Insurance companies may be laying the groundwork to deny your claim because they believe “one of the other drivers” is at fault. They know you’ll eventually sue them, so they’re gathering information, getting your statement, dragging their feet in assisting you, all with the goal of gathering as much evidence as possible from you while you’re without a lawyer to defend against your lawsuit when you do need to file it. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in resolving your case. Call us at (972) 599 4100 or use our website’s contact form.


If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a Dallas multiple car crash attorney with an injury case, call (972) 599 4100 for a free consultation and strategy session. A summary of your case, identification of the legal issues involved in your case, and identification of those legal issues that will help maximize your recovery in your case are all part of the strategy session. We will email you a copy of this strategy session for your records. Please contact us right away.

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