Multiple Car Accidents with Injuries - What to Expect

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Multiple Vehicle Accidents with Injuries:

If you were injured in your collision or accident, call our office regarding your multiple car accident and injury case (our phone is (972) 599 4100).  We provide a free initial consultation and can discuss your case with you to determine what we need to do with your injury case to get the best outcome.   We only handle auto cases that involve an injury.  If you have a case like this, its in your best interest to hire an attorney immediately to protect your interest. 

The Law Office of Doug Goyen has handled thousands of multiple car accidents since 1998.  We have the experience to handle your case for you, so you don't have to go through the headache and misdirection of insurance companies that are trying to avoid paying you. 

There are special issues to address in multiple car accidents.  There is a way to handle them.  If you handle them incorrectly, the insurance companies for the at-fault drivers will take advantage of you and the situation and your actions may possibly give the insurance company the excuse to delay or deny payment to you that they are looking for.  If you are in the Dallas, Fort Worth area (all of North Texas), and you have been injured in a multi-car accident, you need a lawyer in the Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas area that knows how to handle multiple car accidents.

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Multiple Car Accidents and Injuries
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Multi Car Accidents Present Their Own Issues.  Types of collisions (We represent people injured in multiple car collisions):

A) Straight Chain Reaction:  A typical auto accident injury case is one where traffic stops, either at a light, on a highway, or on a roadway somewhere, and someone hits someone else in the rear and a chain reaction involving 3 or more vehicles is involved.  Most people think that the insurance for the person behind them will cover the claim for the damage to their vehicle.  As we all know, real life is rarely simple though. 

The law in Texas is that the person whose negligence caused the accident owes the claim.  So in the most simple case, the very rear car is responsible in a 3 or 4 car chain reaction where his car negligently hits the car in front of it, forces that car forward into the next vehicle, forcing the next car forward into the vehicle in front of it, causing a 3-4 car accident.  If the cars in front were stopped due to traffic or signals, or other legitimate reasons, and the last car was not paying proper attention (such as talking on a cellphone, or messing with his radio, whatever) - but obviously violating the rules of the road by not paying proper attention to his driving, then the last vehicle is the cause of the collision, and responsible for everyone's damage and injuries caused. 

Unfortunately, the very rear car often will change their story from the time they leave the scene of the collision, until the time they tell their story to their insurance company.  It is common to find that the at fault party has changed their story and is placing blame on other vehicles involved in the collision when they give their version to their insurance company.  It is hard to understand, because at the scene they were accepting responsibility.  This is real life.  This is what happens in multiple car collisions.  An experience attorney knows how to gather any evidence that exists to prove the at fault party has changed their story, and force the insurance company to pay.  

B) Claim of Middle Car Hitting Front Car First:  It is not unusual for the car in the very rear of multiple vehicle collision to claim that they saw the vehicle ahead of them hit the car in front of it first, and then because the traffic stopped so suddenly (due to a sudden collision - no braking at all and then an unexpected and unreasonable stop of vehicles ahead), that due to the negligence of the car in front of him, he was unable to stop and that is why he hit that vehicle in the rear.  In this situation, the 2nd car (the one that the last car is claiming started it all) often claims that this is not true, that they were stopped or stopping when the rear car pushed them into the vehicle in front.  This is a disputed claim at this point.  You definitely need to consult an attorney.  The third car (the one in the very front of a 3 car chain accident) may say that they weren't looking in the rear view mirror, so they are not sure who caused the collision.

In this situation, there is still evidence that can be used to prove who the at-fault party is.  Lawyers who are experienced at investigating cases such as these know what to look for to resolve the dispute.    We handle these type cases where injuries are involved.  We can help ensure you receive a full recovery for your entire claim if you were the victim of someone else's negligent conduct. 

C) Front Vehicle at Fault:  Sometimes the front vehicle is blamed for the accident. Witnesses or those involved may claim the front vehicle stopped for no reason (no lights, no traffic, just stopped suddenly).  The front vehicle may be accused of what they call a "swoop and squat" - suddenly moving from one lane and into another and suddenly slamming on their brakes - giving no reasonable amount of time for others to react and stop.  It may or may not be intentional.  If it is proven that they did this "intentionally" their insurance will not cover the claim (insurance companies do not cover intentional acts).  

It may be that they were just negligent - often people just make dumb moves while driving that may appear intentional, but it is just them being totally distracted and not paying proper attention to those around them.  Never accuse someone of "intentionally" causing a collision unless you "know" they did so intentionally.  Saying it was intentional gives the insurance company an excuse to deny the claim.  If there is any question, call the police and let the police sort out whether it was intentional or not.  If the at fault driver admits it was intentional, then yes, it was intentional.  But if they were driving extremely unreasonably or extremely inattentive, that is still negligence . . . which is covered by their insurance policy.  It may be "extreme" negligence, and stupidity like you have never seen, but it is still negligence (ie, they did not intentionally crash their vehicle into yours.  They may have intentionally made a bonehead maneuver, but the actual impact itself was not intended) and therefor covered by their auto insurance. 

D) Phantom Vehicle:  Vehicles who cause an injury accident sometimes claim that another vehicle caused them to lose control, thus causing the accident (often its a "phantom" vehicle that nobody else saw).   The person claims that this "phantom" vehicle hit them in the rear or forced them into the vehicles other vehicle or vehicles involved in the collision.  Nobody else sees the vehicle, but the rear vehicle swears by it, and claims that it was a hit and run.  In these situations you need an attorney to review the evidence to see if there is a way to prove who was actually at fault.  If there was an injury involved, we can help with your case.  Call for a free initial phone consultation. 

How to Handle the Claims Process: 

Dealing With a Claim When Everyone Points the Finger at Everyone Else:
The first problem with a multi car / multiple vehicle accident is that it is common for everyone to point the finger at someone else as the cause of the accident.  You know what happened, and know that someone is not being honest, but because the at fault person is disputing the claim, it has turned into a swearing match where the insurance company is "investigating" the claim, and not paying anyone until they "verify liability".   In this situation you need a lawyer to gather the evidence needed to prove your case.  The at fault insurance company is not going to pay you as long as it is a swearing match.  Do not wait, if you are injured you need to hire a lawyer immediately. 

Who's Insurance Do I File Through?:
You file through the person's insurance who caused the accident and injury.  If the very rear vehicle is obviously the cause of the accident, that is the insurance you file through.  If one of the middle vehicles caused the collision, then that person's insurance is the one you file against.  An attorney can complete and investigation and know what the insurance companies look for in determining who should pay.  If you are hurt in your accident, we will gather the information that the insurers need to clear up responsibility. 

Damages Often Recoverable in Personal Injury Cases Include the Following:
Past and future medical bills, past and future lost earning capacity, past and future lost income, past and future physical impairment, past and future disfigurement, past and future mental anguish, past and future pain and suffering, property damage, loss of use of your property - such as rental car bills, storage, total loss of property, diminished value of property, loss of body member (arm, leg, . . .), loss of body capacity (hearing, eyesight, . . . ), loss of consortium (spouse, parental, child/filial), loss of services, emotional/mental trauma (bystander injury), prenatal injury, exemplary damages, prejudgment interest, attorney's fees, and court costs.

If you have been injured in a multi-car accident, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.  You need to understand that the insurance companies are laying the groundwork to deny your claim because "the other driver" is at fault in their opinion, and they know that eventually you will be filing a lawsuit against them, so they are gathering information, getting your statement, dragging their feet in helping you, all with the intent of throwing a wrench into your lawsuit when you do file it.  They are trying to lead you into torpedoing your own case.  Don't be led into this trap.  Contact us today so we can help resolve your case. 

Personal Injury Areas We Help With Are:

Auto Accident and Injury Cases, Personal Injury Cases, 18 Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Injury Accident Cases, Motorcycle Accident and Injury Cases, Wrongful Death Cases, Pedestrian Injured by Automobile Cases, Slip and Fall & Premises Cases, Workplace & Constructions Injury Cases, Dog Bite Injury Cases, Bicyclers Hit by Automobile Cases .

Types of Coverage in Automobile Injury Cases:

Automobile Liability Insurance, Uninsured Motorist Insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medpay Insurance, Property Damage & Collision Coverages for Your Auto

By Doug Goyen, 

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