Why Do People Deny It's Their Fault?

Automobile Accident / Responsibility

The Blame Game - Nobody Wants to Take Responsibility (Why People Deny It's Their Fault, When It Seems Obvious):

Cause of Collisions: Most people term a collision an "automobile accident". The problem with that term is that it gives the false impression that nothing could have been done to avoid it, that it was "just an accident". Collisions are usually not caused by "accidents" - there are usually several conscious unsafe decisions that lead to the collision - so in this respect the cause of the collision is typically due to bad decisions.

They are usually the result of someone consciously disregarding the law. The law is designed so that if a person obeys the law, wrecks won't happen very often. Unfortunately, many people decide the law doesn't apply to them, or is too inconvenient for them to follow at the moment, and cause wrecks, causing injuries, harms, losses and even death to their victims. Some people think it is ok to speed, change lanes without looking, not pay proper attention while using their (cellphone, radio, applying makeup, etc.).

Often, in today's society of shifting the blame - people who cause a car crash victimize you a second time by trying to claim that they aren't responsible for the harms and losses they caused when they disregarded the law.

Dealing with the insurance company of the bad driver can compound the frustration. When victims of bad drivers attempt to collect against the insurance company of the bad driver, the insurance company will almost always take the word of their bad driver over others who were involved. Often, insurers will even disregard police reports, eye witnesses, other vehicles involved in the collision, and deny a claim based solely on their own insured's statement that everyone else is at fault. The person who caused the collision will often claim that the witnesses, police, other people involved all are either wrong or are lying about how it all happened.

Insurance companies have taken hard lines with cases. They offer only a fraction of what your automobile accident personal injury case is worth. They anticipate that a percentage of people will walk away and just take the loss rather than hire a personal injury attorney and fight for your rights. If you don't want to walk away and take the loss, call our law office today. Speak with a lawyer who can help you. We have a free initial phone consultation for automobile accidents and personal injury cases.

Damages Often Recoverable in Personal Injury Cases Include the Following:
Past and future medical bills, past and future lost earning capacity, past and future lost income, past and future physical impairment, past and future disfigurement, past and future mental anguish, past and future pain and suffering, property damage, loss of use of your property - such as rental car bills, storage, total loss of property, diminished value of property, loss of body member (arm, leg, . . .), loss of body capacity (hearing, eyesight, . . . ), loss of consortium (spouse, parental, child/filial), loss of services, emotional/mental trauma (bystander injury), prenatal injury, exemplary damages, prejudgment interest, attorney's fees, and court costs.

Personal Injury Areas We Help With Are:

Auto Accident and Injury Cases, Personal Injury Cases, 18 Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Injury Accident Cases, Motorcycle Accident and Injury Cases, Wrongful Death Cases, Pedestrian Injured by Automobile Cases, Slip and Fall & Premises Cases, Workplace & Constructions Injury Cases, Dog Bite Injury Cases, Bicyclers Hit by Automobile Cases .

Types of Coverage in Automobile Injury Cases:

Automobile Liability Insurance, Uninsured Motorist Insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medpay Insurance, Property Damage & Collision Coverages for Your Auto

By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@gmail.com