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Diagram of the eye and retina PVD (posterior vitreous detachment) is an eye condition in which the vitreous membrane separates from the retina. The separation of the posterior hyaloid membrane from the retina anywhere posterior to the vitreous base is referred to as this condition.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Posterior Vitreous Detachment?

There is a distinct pattern of symptoms when this happens, such as flashes of light (photopsia), a sudden dramatic increase in the number of floaters, or a ring of floaters or hairs just to the temporal side of the central vision.

The adherent vitreous membrane may pull on the retina as a posterior vitreous detachment progresses. While there are no pain fibers in the retina, vitreous traction may stimulate it, resulting in flashes that appear to be a perfect circle.

When a retinal vessel tears, blood leaks into the vitreous cavity, which is often perceived as a shower of floaters. Retinal vessels may tear in conjunction with a retinal tear, or they may tear without a retinal tear. A Weiss ring can occasionally be seen with ophthalmoscopy as a very strong indicator of vitreous detachment. This ring can float free for years after it has been detached.

Complications of a PVD

The risk of retinal detachment is greatest in the first 6 weeks after a vitreous detachment, but it can occur up to 3 months later. Patients with myopic retinal degeneration, lattice degeneration, and familial or personal history of previous retinal tears and detachments are at a higher risk of retinal tears and detachment associated with vitreous detachment.

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Yes, eye injuries, including PVD injuries, can be caused by auto accidents. Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of eye injuries in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health. Every year, approximately 9,300 people suffer eye injuries as a result of car accidents. Eye injuries can cause temporary vision impairment or total vision loss.

Trauma such as the trauma from an auto accident can cause a PVD eye injury. Rapid changes in velocity, broken glass, deployment of airbags, not wearing a seatbelt, and contact with various objects from the accident are some of the factors that are likely to cause eye injuries during a car crash.

The vitreous membrane is more firmly attached to the retina anteriorly, at the vitreous base. The membrane does not normally detach from the vitreous base, but it can do so in extreme cases.

The vitreous base, on the other hand, may have an irregular posterior edge. When the edge of the vitreous membrane peeling off the retina is irregular, the forces of the vitreous membrane peeling off the retina can become concentrated at small posterior extensions of the vitreous base. Similarly, the vitreous membrane may be abnormally adherent to the retina in some people with retinal lesions such as lattice retinal degeneration or chorio-retinal scars. If there is enough traction, the retina may tear at these points.

Small point tears can allow glial cells to enter the vitreous humor and proliferate, resulting in a thin epiretinal membrane that distorts vision. In more severe cases, vitreous fluid may seep through the tear and separate the retina from the back of the eye, resulting in a retinal detachment. Trauma can take many forms, ranging from blunt force trauma to the face, such as a boxer’s punch or a motor vehicle accident, to extremely vigorous coughing or blowing of the nose.

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The personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Doug Goyen represent people who have been injured in car accidents and by negligence and assists them in a variety of ways. Some of the most common ways we assist our clients who have been injured in car accidents are as follows:

  • Collecting funds from the insurance company to pay for our client’s medical bills. So they can pay for things like the ambulance, emergency room, ER doctors, radiologists, medication, and follow-up treatment for injuries sustained in the accident.
  • When a client does not know what type of medical facility will treat their injury, we assist them in locating one.
  • When a client cannot afford the medical care they require for their injury, we assist them in locating medical facilities that will agree to postpone bill collections until the auto insurance company releases their payments for the injury.
  • Collecting compensation for our clients’ lost income when they are unable to work due to injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Obtaining compensation for our client’s pain and suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, and any other injury caused by the accident.

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Your PVD injury claim’s settlement or trial value will be influenced by a variety of factors. When you work with the Law Office of Doug Goyen, we will carefully evaluate your case, taking into consideration the severity of your PVD eye injury, as well as medical bills, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and other treatments.

We also consider any lost income and earning capacity. The events that led up to the accident. What kind of insurance coverage is available for your claim.

Our team will assist you in understanding the value of your case after learning about your claim and your circumstances, and will then recommend ways for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

The insurance company may make a settlement offer to you, but accepting their first offer is rarely in your best interests. Unrepresented accident victims are frequently exploited by adjusters who offer them low settlements. In addition, the adjuster may discourage you from contacting an attorney, claiming that doing so will only slow down the process.

You usually can’t go back and demand more money after you’ve settled your claim, even if you took an extremely unfavorable deal. As a result, before accepting any settlement offer, you should always schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. If you are needing an eye injury auto accident lawyer, we will get the compensation you need for the negligence that caused your injury. We do not charge a fee unless we reach a settlement or win your case in court.

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If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a PVD auto accident lawyer in an auto accident case call (972) 599 4100 for a free consultation and a free strategy session regarding your case. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, identification of the legal issues involved with your case, and identifying those legal issues that will help maximize your recovery in your case. We will email a copy of this strategy session to you for you to keep.


There is no fee unless and until you win! If we work on your case, we charge a contingency fee, which means that if we don’t win, we don’t get paid. The better we serve you, the better we are compensated – our interest is the same as yours.

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Very professional job handling my accident claim. I had some ER bills, and some visits to my ortho after (and various other bills that kept coming in). I was afraid I was going to get stuck owing money, but Doug Goyen took care of the case and had everything paid, including compensating me for the injury. Great lawyer IMO. I felt like my case was taken care of very well. Thx!! Bernard M.
Doug is a great attorney. He took care of my auto accident claim promptly, and answered any questions I had. I also had one of my hospital bills go into collections for non-payment. I was able to contact Doug a year after the accident, and received a copy of the check the hospital claimed they didn’t receive. I highly recommend this guy. David J.
The Law Office of Doug Goyen helped me recovery every bit I was owed on my claim. Very happy I used them. They knew what they were doing, and kept me informed. I felt taken care of the whole way. You wont go wrong using them. Arthur H.
Mr. Goyen helped me take on my own insurance company, the great and mighty Allstate. My prior firm basically dumped me, with a permanent injury because the case didn’t meet their financial guidelines for a settlement. I was a bicycle rider hit by a car driver at an intersection, and Allstate was the company on BOTH SIDES OF THE CLAIM. My own insurance company tried to throw me under the bus to limit their payout! Without Mr. Goyen’s help, I would have been left with NOTHING! I had thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills, unable to receive treatment to correct the issue. He was unafraid and helped me get the best settlement I could … I am tremendously thankful! Pamala M.