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Attorney Doug Goyen Neck injuries are the most common types of injuries in car accident cases. Attorney Goyen has treated thousands of people injured in traffic accidents, including neck injuries with cervical radiculopathy. Our Dallas car crash attorney has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you have been in a car accident, a truck accident, or another type of personal injury incident, call 972-599-4100. We offer no-cost case evaluations with a cervical radiculopathy accident attorney in Dallas. We don’t get paid until we win!

Accidents frequently result in neck injuries with cervical radiculopathy. These injuries can have long-term ramifications. If you have suffered a neck injury with cervical radiculopathy as a result of another person’s carelessness or negligence, you may be able to seek compensation to help with medical and other expenses. An experienced Dallas injury attorney can help you if you need a cervical radiculopathy accident attorney.

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According to studies, when auto accident victims are represented by an attorney rather than attempting to deal with an auto insurance company on their own, they recover more in damages.

Woman with neck injuries Following an accident, a Dallas accident attorney from the Law Office of Doug Goyen can provide a wide range of services aimed at recovering the maximum amount for you and your family. These are some of the services our cervical radiculopathy accident attorney makes available:

  • We assist our clients in recouping the costs of their ambulance ride, hospital stay, emergency room physicians, and other medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation into your accident.
  • If our clients are unsure about where to seek treatment, we assist them in locating a medical facility that can treat their injury.
  • If our clients are unable to afford the treatment they need for their injury, we will assist them in locating a medical facility that will defer billing the client while they are receiving treatment.
  • Ensure that our clients’ lost income is recovered from their auto insurance company if they were unable to work as a result of their injury.
  • Assist our clients in obtaining reimbursement for vehicle damage, towing fees, storage fees, and rental car expenses.
  • Assist our clients in recouping their out-of-pocket accident-related expenses.
  • Negotiate aggressively with the auto insurance company to obtain the full value of your personal injury claims.
  • We assist our clients in obtaining the highest possible settlement amount for their pain and suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, and other accident-related damages.

Cervical radiculopathy is a clinical term that describes when a nerve root in the cervical spine becomes inflamed or damaged, causing a change in neurological function. Numbness, altered reflexes, or weakness can radiate from the neck into the shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers. Tingling or pain, ranging from achy to shock-like or burning, may also radiate down into the arm or hand.

Cervical radiculopathy is more common as a result of car accidents.

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The most common causes of cervical radiculopathy are when a nerve root becomes inflamed or damaged as a result of a herniated disc caused by an injury such as a car accident or a nearby bone spur caused by spinal degeneration over time. The following are three common causes of cervical radiculopathy:

  • Foraminal stenosis in the cervical region. When the foramen – the bony opening through which a nerve root exits the spinal canal – narrows and shrinks, the nerve root has less space and may become impinged. This can be caused by a bulging disc that pushes against the nerve root in the foramen. This could also be caused by degenerative changes caused by cervical osteoarthritis or cervical degenerative disc disease. The most common cause of cervical radiculopathy is cervical foraminal stenosis.
  • Disc herniation in the cervical region. Cervical radiculopathy can occur when the inner material of the cervical disc leaks out and inflames or impinges the adjacent nerve. A herniated disc is more likely to occur as a result of an injury, such as a car accident, or as a result of strenuous activity. It is the most common cause of cervical radiculopathy in people in their twenties or thirties.
  • Cervical vertebral fractures. Although fractures are less common, they can also result in cervical radiculopathy. When a vertebra fractures, the resulting instability or foraminal narrowing in the cervical spine may impinge on a nerve root. A traumatic injury, such as a car accident or a fall, could result in fractures.

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Woman with neck injuries The signs and symptoms of cervical radiculopathy differ depending on which nerve root is affected. The following are common descriptions of how cervical radiculopathy differs depending on where the nerves are compressed in the spine. This is a general description that may not apply to every patient, but it is a good indication of where the symptoms will be:

Thumb pain, numbness, tingling – are symptoms of C5 radiculopathy, which is caused by pressure on the nerves that run down the spine at the C5 level. Tingling, numbness, or pain may radiate from the neck to the shoulder, then down the arm to the thumb. Weakness in the shoulder or upper arm is possible.

Index finger pain, numbness, tingling – are symptoms of C6 radiculopathy, which is caused by pressure on the nerves that run down the spine at the C6 level. Tingling, numbness, or pain may radiate into the second digit from the arm (the index finger). Weakness in the front of the upper arm (biceps) or the wrist may occur.

Middle finger pain, numbness, tingling – C7 radiculopathy is caused by pressure on the nerves that run down the spine. There may be tingling, numbness, or pain down the arm and into the middle finger. Weakness in the back of the upper arm is possible (the triceps in the back of the upper arm).

Little finger pain, numbness, tingling – C8 radiculopathy is caused by pressure on the nerves that run down the spine. Tingling, numbness, or pain may spread down the arm to the little finger. Handgrip strength may be compromised.

Cervical radiculopathy can occur at any level of the cervical spine, including C4 radiculopathy and higher. It is also possible to have nerve compression or inflammation at multiple levels of the cervical spine at the same time, resulting in multiple radiculopathies – this is more uncommon but possible.

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Conservative and nonsurgical treatment options for cervical radiculopathy typically include one or more of the following:

Chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor or other qualified health professional can manually adjust the cervical spine to improve mobility and create a more favorable healing environment. Manual manipulation is sometimes used as part of a physical therapy program.

Physical therapist. A physical therapist or other certified health professional may recommend an exercise and stretching routine tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Improving the strength and flexibility of the neck and back may help them to maintain better posture and become more pain resistant.

Traction of the cervical spine. A cervical traction device gently applies weight to the head, slightly pulling it up. The goal of this procedure is to increase the space between the cervical vertebrae, particularly in the intervertebral foramina through which the nerve roots pass. If a patient benefits from traction in a clinical setting, a home traction device may be recommended.

Medication. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are usually the first medications tried to relieve inflammation caused by cervical radiculopathy. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are some examples. Stronger medications may be prescribed on a short-term basis if symptoms are not reduced or well managed.

Rest and limitations. Restriction of strenuous activities, such as sports or lifting heavy objects, as well as good posture while sitting or driving, may provide some relief.

Heat and ice therapy. For some people, applying an ice pack or a heated gel pack to the neck may provide pain relief. Applying cold therapy after a pain flare-up, for example, may help reduce inflammation and pain.

Injections of steroid epidurals in the cervical region. A cervical epidural steroid injection may be considered if imaging has revealed which nerve root is inflamed or compressed. To bathe the affected nerve root in steroid medication, an injection is carefully placed in the cervical spine’s epidural space.

Many people find that a combination of treatments, rather than a single approach, provides the best relief. A cervical epidural steroid injection may provide enough acute pain relief to allow the patient to progress with physical therapy for long-term pain relief.

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Woman with neck injuries When nonsurgical treatments fail to relieve pain caused by cervical radiculopathy, or if neurological symptoms such as arm or hand numbness and weakness worsen, surgery may be considered. The following are some of the most common surgical options for cervical radiculopathy:

Discectomy and fusion in the cervical spine – Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion involves making a small incision in the front of the neck to remove a herniated or damaged disc and then fusing that level of the cervical spine to restore normal height and ensure the neck remains stable. This is the most commonly used surgery to relieve the symptoms of cervical radiculopathy.

Artificial disc replacement of the problematic disc – This surgery, rather than a fusion, replaces the problematic disc with an artificial disc. Instead of fusing two vertebrae together, this procedure may have the advantage of preserving mobility at that level of the cervical spine.

Neck surgery to relieve pain and numbness in the hands and arms has a high success rate.

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If you are looking for a cervical radiculopathy accident lawyer in Dallas, call (972) 599 4100. We offer free phone consultations. We also provide a free strategy session with our Dallas personal injury lawyer. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, legal issues involved, and legal issues we identify as being critical to maximizing the compensation owed.


You owe us nothing if we are unable to recover. We charge a contingency fee structured to take a percentage of what we recover. As a performance-based contract, the better we do for you, the better we do for ourselves. This aligns our interests in the case with our client’s interests.

By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@goyenlaw.com

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