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Lewisville Personal Injury Lawyer, Doug Goyen The Law Office of Doug Goyen handles a wide range of personal injury cases. Set up a free initial appointment with a Lewisville personal injury lawyer at our firm. The consultation is free, and we won’t charge you anything unless we recover money for you. Our personal injury law firm has handled a wide range of personal injury cases and has the knowledge and experience necessary to submit your claim and get you through this difficult process as fast as possible. We’re here to stand up for you and your rights!

Our Lewisville personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Doug Goyen will fight quickly, strategically, and aggressively on your behalf to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Your personal injury case will be handled by the Law Office of Doug Goyen with the goal of maximizing your recovery. Our investigative approach discovers parts of your personal injury case that show how your accident has impacted your life in addition to causing financial loss.

Surgeons in the OR, Lewisville Personal Injury Lawyer 1) Client interviews: At the outset of a case, we typically interview our clients several times to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the facts as they were perceived by our client, including liability, the nature of their injuries, and any other types of damages resulting from the incident that caused the injury. In a car accident case, for example, we would acquire evidence of the amount of property damage, towing fees, rental car bills, storage bills, and the vehicle’s lost value, in addition to medical and injury information. We keep in touch with our customers throughout their injury treatment so that we can understand how the injury is progressing – and so that we can determine whether your injury will heal or whether there is nothing else we can do and you will have to live with the consequences of the injury.

2) Medical Care: We will visit with you to discuss your alternatives if you are unsure where to seek treatment for your injuries. Your health insurance or a past visit to a medical facility may be able to help you. If those options aren’t accessible and you can’t afford medical care, we can help you find a medical facility that will accept you based on a letter of protection from the attorney’s office. The medical facility will be compensated after the insurance earnings are collected, according to a letter of protection. Unfortunately, liability insurance takes significantly longer to release cash for medical treatment than health insurance, so several medical institutions demand a guarantee from your lawyer that we will send the payment out of any insurance proceeds received. You will be able to acquire the appropriate treatment in this manner.

3) Insurance companies: We ask that the insurance companies involved contact us as your representative, and that anyone trying to contact you about your accident or injuries contact us as your attorney. Any information requests they may have will be handled by us.

4) Witness interviews: We question any fact witnesses who may have knowledge of how the incident occurred in order to acquire the evidence needed to prove culpability in your case. Witness comments are regularly included in police investigations and other forms of accident reports. On occasion, witness information can be gleaned on 911 tapes. To ensure that we have all of the information needed to support your case, we request any report that may contain witness statements or witness information. We speak with witnesses who can tell how their observations of your injuries altered your life before and after it happened.

5) Observing the accident scene: To have a better understanding of the surroundings and how the accident occurred, we take photographs of the accident scene where the injury occurred. A thousand words can be expressed in a single image. Viewing the accident scene aids us in relaying your account of how the event happened.

6) Documents and other tangible evidence to support your injury claim: We gather any other records, bills, images, video, audio, or other evidence required to support your injury claim, in addition to police reports, 911 tapes, and other public records. Medical bills and documents, information from your employer about lost wages, benefit explanations from any health insurance, and records from physical therapists or any other type of therapist you may be seeing as a result of your accident are all examples of this.

7) Expert Witnesses: Expert witnesses are not required in every case, but we do employ them when they are needed to prove your case. We appoint expert witnesses when they are needed to explain your injury. We recruit expert witnesses to establish liability when necessary.

8) Negotiations: When your case is ready for a demand, we go over it with you to make sure we both understand your injury and losses. A demand is then served on the insurance company. We discuss insurance company offers with you when we receive them. In the event that a settlement offer is made, we will provide you with legal advice. We shall not settle any lawsuit unless you first give us your approval.

9) Litigation and Trial: The vast majority of lawsuits are settled out of court. In some circumstances, however, a settlement is not possible without first launching a lawsuit. We will explain your alternatives for taking the case to trial and proving your case if a settlement cannot be reached. We prepare to present your case to a jury whenever a lawsuit is filed. We keep you informed throughout the process, from the filing of the lawsuit to the final verdict.

10) Settlement Money: As soon as any settlement proceeds or other funds relating to your case are received, we will contact you. As soon as we receive your funds, we will send them to you from our IOLTA trust account.


Lewisville, Texas had a population of 109,212 people in 2019. Lewisville is a vibrant suburban community in the prosperous North Texas region. Lewisville is a regional employer that serves as both an administrative headquarters and a warehousing facility for major corporations. Lewisville, located just minutes from DFW International Airport, is well-connected to the rest of North Texas and the rest of the world.

There are many reasons to choose Lewisville as your place to live, work, and play. Quality schools, safe neighborhoods, family-friendly recreation options, and the most retail square footage per capita in the region are just a few.

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We handle a wide range of personal injury cases for individuals and families throughout Lewisville and Texas. Below is a list of some of our personal injury practice areas. However, we also handle a wide range of other cases.

If you have any questions about a potential matter, contact our top law firm for a free consultation with a Lewisville personal injury lawyer who can address the legal issues in your case.

AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY – Our personal injury law firm has successfully resolved thousands of cases in which a loved one was injured in a car accident. Our Lewisville personal injury lawyer is familiar with the causes of these car accidents, the insurance companies that are frequently involved, and how to maximize your recovery.

When it comes to severe injury and wrongful death in a car or motorcycle accident, our top accident lawyers are ready to serve you and your family and help you get the compensation you deserve.

TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY – A car accident involving a passenger vehicle and another passenger vehicle is likely to have a very different outcome than a truck accident. Although some semi-truck accident victims may only sustain minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises, large truck accidents frequently result in catastrophic injury or, in the worst-case scenario, wrongful death.

BICYCLE ACCIDENT ATTORNEY – Some drivers find it difficult for vehicles to make room for cyclists on the road. Some drivers are simply not accustomed to or willing to share the road with bicyclists. As a result, there has been an increase in cycling accidents and injuries. Even if you follow all traffic laws as a cyclist, you can be hit by a car, and the consequences of a bicycle accident can be severe.

PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT LAWYER – Our skilled pedestrian accident injury team can investigate the cause of your pedestrian accident, handle communications with deceptive insurance companies, and litigate your case if necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. We cannot, however, prevent your pedestrian accident from occurring. We can, however, advocate for you and assist you in holding negligent parties accountable for the harm they have caused you.

DWI ACCIDENT LAWYER – Drunk driving accidents are frequently fatal, leaving victims with life-changing or fatal injuries. Drunk drivers are more likely than other drivers to engage in risky behavior such as excessive speeding, red-light running, or driving in the wrong direction. At the Law Office of Doug Goyen, we are committed to bringing drunk drivers to justice in Lewisville. We represent people who have been injured in alcohol-impaired accidents all over North Texas.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER – Motorcyclists are in a unique position in many ways when compared to automobile drivers, with one of the most significant differences being the amount of vulnerability. While Texas law requires all motorcyclists to wear helmets that meet safety standards, catastrophic injuries are a reality for many riders in the state.

WRONGFUL DEATH ATTORNEY – The untimely death of a loved one frequently causes emotional and financial upheaval in the family dynamic. While you may wish that the people who caused your loss would accept responsibility, the unfortunate reality is that most people do not do so unless forced to do so through the civil lawsuit system. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, our law firm can assist you in recovering compensation for your loss and filling the financial gap left by your loss.

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Car Accident The severity of injuries sustained in a personal injury case is frequently determined by the nature of the injury. Many negligent acts in Lewisville that result in injury or accidents result in serious injuries or death. Our Lewisville personal injury lawyer can assist you if you were injured in a car accident, a premises liability case, a workplace injury, a dog bite, or another form of negligence that resulted in your personal injury.

We will fight for you to be compensated for all of your personal injuries. Personal injuries as a result of negligence may include:

These injuries can make it difficult or impossible to work, and medical bills can quickly mount. You should not have to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence. Give us a call today if you’re ready to begin exploring your options. If you are unable to come to our law offices, we will gladly visit you at home or in the hospital.

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You can count on our firm to aggressively pursue the best financial recovery possible for you. We may seek the following restitution on your behalf:

Medical expenses – Any and all reasonable and necessary medical care, treatment, and services you have received or will require in the future to address the harm caused by another.

Income loss – The recovery of all past and future earnings and profits, including any fringe benefits, bonuses, commissions, and other income you would have received had you not been injured.

Compensation for pain and suffering – Compensation for the pain and discomfort you have experienced and will continue to experience as a result of a permanent disability. Compensation for past and future pain and suffering is allowed based on a jury’s common sense, knowledge, and sense of justice. In order to settle a claim, the value of pain and suffering is determined by imagining what a jury – who does not know anyone involved – will think the value is.

Loss of services – A husband or wife is entitled to compensation if they are unable to perform their normal household duties as a result of the injury.

Property damage – In an accident case, property damage such as damage to your car, computer, phone, or glasses is recoverable. Damages include loss of use of your property, storage and towing, total loss of property, and diminished value of property.

Mental anguish in the past and in the future – How your physical injury has caused significant mental anguish, beyond disappointment, resentment, embarrassment, or anger, and how it will continue to do so in the future. Damages to help you deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues brought on by your injuries.

Physical impairment in the past and in the future – How you have been physically impaired in the past and how you will be physically impaired in the future as a result of your injury. Physical impairment is Texas’ definition of “loss of enjoyment of life.” A type of rehabilitation that focuses on how a disability will affect your ability to engage in normal daily activities.

Disfigurement in the past and future – How the injury physically disfigured you in the past and how it will physically disfigure you in the future.

Compensation for loss of consortium – Compensation for loss of consortium can be sought in a separate but related claim. These damages are typically sought by a spouse who has lost a loved one’s intimacy, companionship, and services as a result of another’s wrongful conduct.

Wrongful death – The Texas Wrongful Death Act and the Texas Survival Statute both specify the types of damages that can be recovered when a family member is killed due to negligence. Please see those pages for more information on what wrongful death damages you may be able to recover.

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Suffering an injury through no fault of your own can devastate your life. In addition to dealing with the pain caused by your injury, you may be faced with mounting medical bills and expenses while being unable to work. It can cause a great deal of stress for you and your family members.

You will be assisted by a Lewisville personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Doug Goyen. Our attorneys solely represent injured victims and their families throughout Texas.

A personal injury occurs when you or a loved one is harmed as a result of another person’s, company’s, or government agency’s intentional, reckless, or negligent wrongdoing. You have the right to seek full and fair compensation for your losses under Texas law.

Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights, options, and what to expect when you work with our firm. We give each of our clients the individual attention they deserve. We believe they should be treated with respect, compassion, and professionalism by a lawyer who understands the gravity of their situation.

We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their goals. We promptly respond to their questions and ensure that they are kept up to date at all stages of their case.

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The statute of limitations in Texas for personal injury cases varies according to the type and specific circumstances of your case. In Texas, injured parties generally have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. If your case involves a government entity, you will also have a shorter filing deadline. Because there are numerous circumstances and factors to consider in your claim, it is critical that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible following your accident. This prevents you from missing any applicable deadlines and, as a result, losing your right to compensation from the responsible party.


If we are unable to recover compensation for your case, the Law Office of Doug Goyen guarantees that you owe us nothing. We charge a contingency fee in personal injury cases. Contingency Fees are calculated as a percentage of the amount recovered in your personal injury case. If we can settle the case before going to court, we charge a third of the money we recover. We never file a lawsuit without first discussing it with our client and obtaining their permission to proceed. When it comes time to settle the case, we do not do so without your permission. Because this is a performance-based agreement, the better we perform for you, the better we perform for ourselves. In this case, our interests are aligned with yours.

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We provide free phone consultations with a Lewisville personal injury lawyer. We also offer a free strategy session during the phone consultation. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, the legal issues at hand, and any legal issues we identify as critical to maximizing the compensation you are owed. We prioritize the needs of our customers. We care about our clients and want to help them recover what is owed to them.

Doug Goyen’s Law Office has handled personal injury cases in North Texas for decades. Call us at (972) 599 4100 or fill out our contact form on our website.

By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@goyenlaw.com

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Very professional job handling my accident claim. I had some ER bills, and some visits to my ortho after (and various other bills that kept coming in). I was afraid I was going to get stuck owing money, but Doug Goyen took care of the case and had everything paid, including compensating me for the injury. Great lawyer IMO. I felt like my case was taken care of very well. Thx!! Bernard M.
Doug is a great attorney. He took care of my auto accident claim promptly, and answered any questions I had. I also had one of my hospital bills go into collections for non-payment. I was able to contact Doug a year after the accident, and received a copy of the check the hospital claimed they didn’t receive. I highly recommend this guy. David J.
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Mr. Goyen helped me take on my own insurance company, the great and mighty Allstate. My prior firm basically dumped me, with a permanent injury because the case didn’t meet their financial guidelines for a settlement. I was a bicycle rider hit by a car driver at an intersection, and Allstate was the company on BOTH SIDES OF THE CLAIM. My own insurance company tried to throw me under the bus to limit their payout! Without Mr. Goyen’s help, I would have been left with NOTHING! I had thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills, unable to receive treatment to correct the issue. He was unafraid and helped me get the best settlement I could … I am tremendously thankful! Pamala M.