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Far North Dallas is mostly bounded by the President George Bush Turnpike to the north (with a small section just north of the George Bush on the western part of North Dallas). Part of Far North Dallas is actually in Collin County, where residents are in the City of Dallas, but in Collin County. On the northeastern edge is The University of Texas at Dallas along Waterview Parkway, and as you head south the neighborhood is bounded on the east by S. Coit Road until you get to Spring Valley Rd. The boundary then goes east along Spring Valley until you get to 75 Central Expressway. Then south to Interstate 635 along the southern border of Far North Dallas heading west until you get to the Dallas North Tollway. The Dallas North Tollway is the western border of most of Far North Dallas and then you follow it north back to the President George Bush Turnpike. There is a portion of Far North Dallas at the furthest northwest corner that actually goes west of the Dallas North Tollway, but in general that is the boundary of Far North Dallas. 

The easiest way to see a more detailed look at the boundary of Far North Dallas, its streets, and businesses located there is to follow this link to Google Maps.  Most of Far North Dallas lies in Richardson ISD's public school district.  

Attorney Doug Goyen has served people in Far North Dallas that have been injured in car accidents since 1997. Our office is on the border of Far North Dallas at Keller Springs and the Tollway. If you need help with your auto accident injury case, call us today at (972) 599 4100.  


1) Stay calm after a car wreck. People can easily get upset after an accident, but that does not help you. You need to check on yourself and others, get information, make calls, and ensure you have everything you need to make sure the damage to your vehicle gets paid, and pay for any medical bills and other costs you may have for your injury claim. 

2) Check on yourself, your passengers, and people in the other vehicles involved. Make sure you are ok. Sometimes the shock of an accident can be so severe you do not realize you are injured at first. Check yourself out and make sure what kind of injuries you have. If you are not injured too severely then next you need to check on any passengers you have and make sure they are ok. If you have no passengers, or if your passengers are fine - or not injured too severely, then check on the people in the other vehicles to make sure they are ok. Get help for anyone injured in the accident immediately. 

3) Call the 911 for the police and an ambulance if anyone is hurt. If anyone is injured at all in the accident you need to call 911 and ask for the police and advise the operator that there are injuries so emergency personnel can check everyone out. Some people's injuries may be more severe than they realize. It is better to be safe than sorry. If anyone appears hurt at all call 911.  

4) Get witness information. If there are any witnesses that were not involved in the accident you need to get their contact information. Get their names, phone numbers, email, whatever they will give you, and make a note of what they said they witnessed. Witnesses come in two forms here. There are witnesses who actually saw the accident, and then there are witnesses who stopped after the accident and overheard the conversations between the people involved in the accident. If the other driver admits fault in front of a witness, get that witness's contact information in case the other driver changes their story later. 

5) Exchange information with the other drivers. The State of Texas requires people exchange their identification and automobile liability insurance information after a car accident. Get the drivers license and insurance card from all other drivers, and give them your information as well - it is the law, regardless of who is at fault. If you have your cellphone you need to take a picture of the other drivers' ID and insurance card for your records. 

6) Cooperate with the police when they are investigating and get a police report made. When the police arrive they will separate all the drivers from each other and interview everyone separately to verify what everyone's story is regarding how the accident happened. Cooperate fully with the police. Let them know if you are having any pain from the accident. Get the police crash report number from the officer so a copy of the police crash report can be obtained later. 

7) Take photographs of the damage to all vehicles, and of the accident scene. If you are not too injured from the accident you should take photographs of all the vehicles involved in the accident and the damage to each vehicle. You should also take photos of any debris on the roadway, any skid-marks, or anything else about the roadway that may help explain how the accident happened. If your injury is too severe for you to take pictures, call a friend or family member to take the pictures if you are able to do so. 

8) Go to the hospital if needed. If you determine your injury is bad enough then you should go to the hospital. If the ambulance service that comes to the scene says you should go to the hospital you should seriously consider going. If you decide not to go, but later your injuries start to get worse then you should drive yourself to the hospital in cases of an emergency. 

9) Do not speak to the insurance company before you speak to a lawyer if you are injured. Hire a lawyer before you speak to anyone from the insurance company. Your lawyer may let you speak to the insurance company about certain subjects, but you need to know what you should and should not talk about regarding your claim.  

10) Follow up with medical care for your injury. If you continue to have pain in the following days after your car accident you should follow up with a medical facility to diagnose and treat your injuries. If you do not know where to go, or do not know how you will pay for this treatment you can hire a personal injury lawyer who handles auto accidents and they can help you find a medical facility that can treat you for your injuries. 

11) Hire a personal injury lawyer who handles auto accidents. If you want to ensure all your claims are paid and you are compensated for your injury you need to hire a personal injury lawyer that handles car accident injury cases.  

Attorney Goyen at the Law Office of Doug Goyen is a personal injury lawyer that handles car accident injury cases. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your auto accident and injury. Call us at (972) 599 4100. 


There is no fee unless you win. We charge a contingency fee which means that we charge a percentage of whatever we can recover for your injury claim. The better we do for you, the better we are paid. If you cannot recover, we are not paid. 

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