Government Owned Vehicle Causes Car Wreck Injury

Roadways in the Dallas area can be dangerous on any given day considering how crowded they are. In addition to the normal traffic of privately owned motor vehicles, there are many government owned vehicles driving on the roadways. There are city buses, school buses, city cars for inspectors, police cars, fire department vehicles, city ambulances, and Department of Transportation vehicles - and others. 

If you were involved in a car wreck and injured by a government vehicle you need to contact and hire a personal injury lawyer in your area as soon as possible. Our office can get you the compensation you deserve in your case. There are time limits that go by much faster when making a claim with government owned vehicles, so do not delay. Call us today at (972) 599 4100. 

Government Immunity Does Not Extend to Car Accidents

In general the government is given immunity from claims against it. This is called Sovereign Immunity. Unless there is an exception to this general rule you cannot file a suit or collect against a claim against a government entity. 

Car wrecks are an exception to this general rule. The Texas Tort Claims Act under Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Title 5, Chapter 101 carves out an exception to government immunity when it comes to car accidents

The Texas Tort Claims Act allows claims if the damage claimed is caused by motor-driven equipment. This equates to car wrecks. It also allows for claims for personal injury or death caused by the governments use of personal or real property - again, this applies to car accident cases.  

In order to prove the car accident injury case against the government entity it must be shown that the operator of the government vehicle was on the job (in the course and scope of their employment), and that if they had caused the damage or injury while acting as a private individual they would be responsible. 

Texas law allows recovery for property damage, injury, and death in Texas Tort Claims Act cases involving car wrecks. There is a limit of no more than $250,000 per person, and $500,000 for each occurrence in car accident injury cases. The Act limits the amount they will pay for property damage to motor vehicles to $100,000 for each accident.  

Time Limit

Under Texas law you have 6 months from the date of the accident to file your notice of claim against a government entity in Texas under the Tort Claims Act section 101.101. Details of when, where, and what the claims are for such as the injury and other damage, and how the car accident occurred must be included. Some cities have even shorter time limits. 

Can You File A Claim Against A Government Entity for a Car Accident Injury?

You can file a claim for your car accident injury, but you cannot delay. You must make your claim quickly and you must make it properly. You will need to hire a lawyer with experience making claims and filing lawsuits against government entities. Attorney Doug Goyen has handled car accident injury claims against government entities for over 20 years. 

If you were injured by a government vehicle in a car accident we can help. You deserve compensation for your injury, but you need to contact us as soon as possible before you lose any rights you have in your case. Call us at (972) 599 4100 for a free consultation and strategy session regarding your case.