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A common injury that occurs after a concussion is Post-Concussion Syndrome. Concussions are commonly thought to be a mild form of traumatic brain injury, but the consequences and pain can be severe. If you developed post-concussion syndrome as a result of someone else's negligence and are looking for a Dallas post-concussion syndrome lawyer, you should speak with a personal injury attorney.

Suing for post-concussion syndrome after an accident can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by another person's negligence. If you have suffered from post-concussion syndrome as a result of a Dallas accident, contact the Law Office of Doug Goyen. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of personal injury and post-concussion syndrome in personal injury and post-concussion syndrome cases. Call us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case with our Dallas accident lawyer. Our phone number is (972) 599-4100.


The persistence of concussion symptoms beyond the normal course of recovery is known as Post-Concussion Syndrome, or PCS. The majority of concussion symptoms will go away in two weeks. Doctors may diagnose Post-Concussion Syndrome if symptoms last more than one or two months. Patients with PCS may experience concussion-like symptoms while resting or in response to excessive physical or cognitive activity, forcing them to withdraw from their normal physical, professional, and social lives.


PCS symptoms are most commonly classified as cognitive, sleep, mood/behavioral, and physical.

Attention, memory, and focus problems are examples of cognitive symptoms. PCS frequently causes patients to sleep more than usual at first, and many then experience difficulty falling asleep. It is common for people to become more irritable after a concussion, and many people with PCS experience anxiety and depression. Headaches, neck pain, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and sound are some of the physical symptoms. Click here for an easy-to-understand guide to PCS.


Concussions can happen in a variety of ways, including:

Following a fall, being in a car accident, being violently assaulted, and receiving a blow to the head while participating in impact sports, particularly boxing and football

It is unclear why some people develop PCS while others do not.

The severity of the concussion or TBI has no bearing on the possibility of developing PCS.


Anyone who has recently had a concussion is at risk of developing PCS. If you are over the age of 40, you are more likely to develop PCS.

Several of the symptoms are similar to those seen in:

Anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

According to some experts, people who have pre-existing psychiatric conditions are more likely to develop PCS after a concussion.


There is no single treatment for PCS. Instead, your doctor will address the symptoms that are unique to you. If you are experiencing anxiety and depression, your doctor may refer you to a mental health professional for treatment. If you have memory problems, they may recommend cognitive therapy.

Medications and Treatment

To treat your depression and anxiety, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. In the treatment of depression, a combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy counseling may be beneficial.


The majority of people who suffer from PCS recover completely. However, it is difficult to predict when this will happen. PCS typically resolves within three months, but there have been cases where it has lasted a year or longer.


In a personal injury case, monetary damages are intended to make the plaintiff whole again and to compensate the victim for physical, financial, and emotional losses. There is no magic formula for determining your exact settlement value because each claim is unique.

When you retain the Law Office of Doug Goyen, a Dallas personal injury attorney will immediately begin investigating to gather evidence and build a strong case. To maximize your concussion settlement, we ensure that proper documentation demonstrates:

Medical treatment costs in the past and in the future
Lost earning capacity in the past and in the future


The circumstances of the injury, rather than the severity of the damage caused, determine the law governing post-concussion syndrome cases. In this regard, post-concussion syndrome cases are similar to other types of personal injury cases. This is critical information for anyone looking for a Dallas post-concussion syndrome lawyer.

However, to someone who has experienced a brain injury, such as post-concussion syndrome, they are clearly distinct and distinct from other types of personal injuries. The cost of litigation and the burden of proving future damages distinguishes them from purely physical injuries, the consequences of which can be predicted more easily.

Only an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to provide you with the information you need to protect your legal rights. Doug Goyen's Law Office has handled thousands of personal injury cases and has the knowledge and skill to navigate the complex liability laws surrounding post-concussion syndrome. If you or a family member believes your post-concussion syndrome was caused by another party's negligence, contact the Law Office of Doug Goyen today for a free case evaluation. Contact us at (972) 599 4100. We will begin working on your case right away.

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